Throughout the year, the CCB sends out a newsletter featuring the latest and greatest things happening around the Center. Each newsletter includes event updates, recent youth services activity, recommended reading, and our latest bibliographies. We also frequently highlight a topic, person, or research project of interest through a short feature; past features have included interviews with professors, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the Center, and more. If there’s anything you’d like to know more about, email us at with your feature suggestions!

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Newsletter Archives

Below you will find archived newsletters through fall of 2011, along with the feature article for each newsletter. Newsletters are in HTML format, with additional feature information (such as extended interviews) linked as available.


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December 2015/January 2016: Interview with Anna Shustitzky, CCB Outreach Coordinator and Awesome Person
November 2015: Behind the Bulletin’s Guide Book to Gift Books
October 2015: Interview with Rachel Magee, Assistant Professor
September 2015: A Letter from the CCB Director, Deborah Stevenson


July/August 2015: Interview with Christine Jenkins
May/June 2015: Opening the Suggestion Box
April 2015: Secrets of the CCB
March 2015: Closing the App Gap – interview and further information
February 2015: Accessibility: Interview with Michelle Biwer & Sharon Irish
December 2014/January 2015: Mix IT Up! Reflections and a Look Ahead
November 2014: Volunteering at the CCB
October 2014: Interview with Liz Hoiem, Assistant Professor
September 2014: A Letter from the CCB Director, Deborah Stevenson


July/August 2014: Book Reviews at the CCB
May/June 2014: Diversity in Children’s and YA Literature
April 2014: Meet GSLIS Youth Services Adjuncts: An Interview with Peggy Burton and Anieta Trame
March 2014: Meet GSLIS Youth Services Adjuncts: An Interview with Georgeann Burch and Betty Bush
February 2014: Folk and Fairy Tales at the CCB, a Spotlight on the Storytelling Corner
December 2013/January 2014: Interview with Yang Luo, GSLIS PhD Student
November 2013: Conferencing 101: An Interview with GSLIS Masters Student Katrina Spencer
October 2013: Why the CCB is Closed on Wednesday Mornings; Or, What Goes on During a Bulletin Meeting?
September 2013: A Letter from the CCB Director, Deborah Stevenson


July/August 2013: A Brief History of the Bulletin and the CCB
May/June 2013: Summer at the CCB
April 2013: Walter Dean Myers Visits Champaign-Urbana
March 2013: Carol Tilley’s Comics Research Hits the Newswire
February 2013: Interview with Karla Lucht, GSLIS Doctoral Student
December 2012/January 2013: A Letter from the CCB Director, Deborah Stevenson
November 2012For the Future: A New Blog about Youth Services Librarianship
October 2012: New Youth Services Certificate at GSLIS
September 2012: Q&A with Melanie Lyttle, GSLIS Alum and “Crabby Librarian”


July/August 2012: Tap In Book Bloggers
May/June 2012: Youth Advocacy and the CCB
April 2012: Announcing the 2012 Storytelling Festival
March 2012: Reference Resources at the CCB
February 2012: Awards Season at the CCB
December 2011/January 2012: A Letter from the CCB Director, Deborah Stevenson
November 2011: Behind the Bulletin’s Guide Book to Gift Books
October 2011: Interview with CCB GA Laurel Halfar
September 2011: Spotlight on Controversial Materials for Youth