Event Recordings

Below you will find links to recordings of the latest CCB Brown Bag presentations, YLC meetings, and other events. Recordings marked “BBC” require a Blackboard Collaborate download. Audio from recent events will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Brown Bags | YLC Meetings | Other Events

CCB Brown Bags


Children’s Books, National Parks, and Public Humanities” with Director of the CCB, Dr. Sara L. Schwebel.

What is Balance? On Collection Development, #OwnVoices, and Censorship” with author Kyle Lukoff.

The Insider’s Guide to Youth Services.” A panel with iSchool students Ari Adkins, Linden Galloway, Cynthia Medrano, Nicole Miller, and Kiri Palm.


STEM-Rich Maker Learning: Designing for Equity with Youth of Color” with Dr. Edna Tan

How to Run a Comic Convention at Your Library” with Lauren Chambers. FanCon 18 PDF. ComicCon 16 PDF 

Picture Book Art is Fine!: Learning to Look at Picture Book and Fine Art Together” with Dr. Deborah Stevenson and Stacia McKeever. Slide List PDF. Resources PDF. Hintz Article PDF.

“In the Darkness Is the Light: The Ancient Roots of Vampire Literature” with Rob Chappell

“Research with Adolescents and Online Safety: What Practitioners Need to Know” with Dr. Pamela Wisniewski. The Gryphon Brown Bag 2019.

“Designing Library Spaces That Work” with Dr. Fred Schlipf and Ann Ohms. Link to resources

Seeking Your Input: The CCB and the Future. Notes PDF

“The Insider’s Guide to Youth Services” a panel with iSchool students Lizzy Isbell, Kristin Lansdown, and Vicki Pietrus


“Creating a Teen MakerSpace” with Lauren Chambers and Joel Spencer

“Here There Be Dragons: An Introduction to Fantastic Beasts in Fact and Fiction” with Rob Chappell

“Designing Library Spaces That Work” with Dr. Fred Schlipf and Ann Ohms. School Library Needs PDFSchool Library Space Estimating PDF, and Presentation PDF

“Protecting Youth in Online Environments: Whose Job Is It Anyway?” with Dr. Marianne Martens. The Gryphon Brown Bag 2018.

“Find Out About! Breakout EDU” in collaboration with Ann Ohms, K-12 Coordinator

“Digital Scholarship, Children’s Literature, and Classroom Collaboration: Reflections on Making The Tar Baby and the Tomahawk” with Dr. Amanda Gailey


“Gryphon Brown Bag 2017” with Dr. Kafi Kumasi. The Gryphon Brown Bag 2017.

“Light After Darkness” with invited presenter Rob Chappell

“Designing Library Spaces that Work” with Dr. Fred Schlipf and Georgeann Burch.

An Insider’s Guide to Youth Services at the iSchool” with iSchool Students, Clair Irwin, Anna Lapp, Erin O’Neall, and Emily Adams

From Antiquity to Beyond, Science Fiction Stories from Before the Scientific Revolution,” with invited presenter Rob Chappell- April 2016

Outside Looking In: A Discussion About Disability in Literature for Young People” presented by the Diversity Committee’s JJ Pionke, in collaboration with the CCB – February 2016


Designing Library Spaces That Work,” with Georgeann Burch and Dr. Fred Schlipf – December 2015; building program and standard planning issues handouts (BBC)
Hogwarts Academy: How One Teacher-Librarian, One Teenage Assistant, Fifteen 4th-8th Graders, and a Handful of Volunteers Bring Harry Potter’s World to Life,” with BCCB reviewer Jeannette Hulick – October 2015; presentation slides are available in PDF
Insiders’ Guide to Youth Services at GSLIS,” with students Clair Irwin, Catherine Manci, and Thomas Mukonde – September 2015


In the Darkness is Light: The Ancient Roots of Vampire Literature,” with invited presenter Rob Chappell – April 2015 (BBC)
Youth Makerspaces, Online Gaming, and Other Research: Questions, Answers, and Feedback,” with Rebekah Willett – March 2015 (BBC)- The Gryphon Brown Bag 2015.
Books Belong to Their Readers”: Mentoring for Literacy and Reading Engagement in the Nerdfighter Community, with PhD student Alaine Martaus – February 2015 (BBC)
Youth Services in South Korea: An International Report,” with associate professor Dr. Kate McDowell – November 2014 (BBC)
Marie Shedlock and the Art of Storytelling,” with Dr. Gail Edwards, chair of the history department at Douglas College (British Columbia) – November 2014 (BBC)


Making the Most of Your Storytime: Tips and Tricks from Miss Jeannette,” with BCCB reviewer Jeannette Hulick – May 2014 (BBC); handout and sample storytime plan available (PDF)
Gryphon Brown Bag, with Gryphon Lecturer and Augusta Baker Endowed Chair in Children’s Literacy Michelle Martin – March 2014 (BBC)- The Gryphon Brown Bag 2014.
Conference-Going and Networking 101,” with GSLIS Master’s student Katrina Spencer – November 2013 (BBC)
Common Core for Librarians,” with GSLIS K12 school librarianship program coordinator Georgeann Burch and adjuct instructor Betty Bush – October 2013 (BBC)
Insiders’ Guide to Youth Services at GSLIS,” with students Katie Boucher, Amy Atkinson, and Tad Andracki – September 2013 (BBC)


YLC Meetings

Youth Are Smarter Than We Think: Teens, Technology Use, and Values,” by assistant professor Rachel Magee – October 2015
Decolonizing Childhood: Coming of Age in Tamora Pierce’s Fantastic Empire,” by doctoral student Sarah Sahn – October 2014 (BBC)
The Geography of Censorship: Communities, Challengers, and Harry Potter,” by assistant professor Emily Knox – September 2014 (BBC)
Children’s Literature of the African Diaspora,” by Violet Harris, professor of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education – April 2014 (BBC) (a handout and slides from this talk are availabe in PDF)
Playing with Everything: Childhood, Biopower, and Animacy in The Brave Little Toaster,” by Tad Andracki, CCB Outreach Coordinator – October 2013 (BBC) (the Youtube clip from this talk can be found here)
The ‘All-White World of Children’s Books’ in the Post-War EraCall Me Charley and the Integration of American Children’s Literature,” by Dr. Fern Kory of Eastern Illinois University – February 2009 (RAM download)


Additional Event Recordings

Readstricted: A Meta Conversation about Diversity and Censorship in LIS, October 2015, presentation by Nannette Perez, Office for Intellectual Freedom of the ALA, with the GSLIS Diversity Committee
Storytelling Workshop
, June 2014, a Concert and Workshop on storytelling in libraries in conjunction with LEEP weekend (Audio)
CIRSS Seminar: Children, Their Books, and Their Music, by Sally Jo Cunningham of the Computer Science Department at Waikato University, New Zealand (Audio)
Inclusive Illinois Lightning Talks
, September 2013, including two brief talks on youth services-related topics, Katrina Spencer’s talk on “How Do You Translate Cock-adoodle-doo?: Roald Dahl’s Matilda in Translation” (begins at 51:20) and Tad Andracki’s talk on “Queer Settler Colonialism in Books for Young People”(begins at 46:09) (BBC)