People to Know

Take a look at the list below for an introduction to the many youth services instructors, advisors, and others who are happy to help you pursue your academic and professional goals. Here you’ll find plenty of wonderful people around GSLIS who would be thrilled to discuss their research interests–or your own. Also take a look at GSLIS’s list of doctoral students to learn more about other current research in the field.

Betty BushAdjunct Instructor
Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books reviewer, on a personal mission to convince everyone to read nonfiction for pleasure.

Georgeann Burch, K-12 Program Coordinator
Advises students on requirements for working as a school librarian in Illinois. Supervises licensure candidates during field experiences throughout the state.

Meg EdwardsAdvising Coordinator
Coordinates academic advising for all MS students including program planning, course selection and registration. Primary advisor to Leep students and serves as a general point of contact for student affairs related issues.

Elizabeth HoiemAssistant Professor
Areas of Research: Nineteenth-century British literature, the British novel, history of pedagogy and education, children’s literature and childhood studies, working-class radical press, philosophy of mind, new materialism, material culture and “things” in literature (thing theory), science and literature, automata, industrialization and industrial novels, fantasy and science fiction.

Karla LuchtAcademic Advisor, Instructor
Primary advisor to on-campus students, liaison to ITD, coordinates communication with student organizations.
Areas of Research: Multicultural representation and social justice advocacy in library collections and services for youth (or lack thereof) and conflicts of race, ethnicity, and culture in youth literature.

Rachel MageeAssistant Professor
Areas of Research: Teens, youth, everyday life, technology use and non-use, youth services, social computing, values and design.

Kate McDowellAssistant Dean for Student Affairs and Assistant Professor
Oversees all aspects of recruitment, admissions, student development and transition to employment.
Areas of Research: Youth services librarianship; children’s print culture history; public libraries as cultural spaces; apps and iPads for kids; storytelling in higher education, advancement, business, and public services.

Deborah StevensonBCCB Editor, CCB Director
Areas of Research: Children’s literature and contemporary culture; history of children’s literature; genre theory.

Carol TilleyAssistant Professor
Areas of Research: History of youth services librarianship, children’s print culture, information inquiry and instruction in school libraries, and media literacy.