Storytelling Festival Archive

The annual iSchool Storytelling Festival is a highlight of the spring calendar for the CCB. The event brings together new student storytellers and seasoned professionals for an evening filled with characters being brought to life through the power of story.

Video highlights of past festivals can be found on the iSchool YouTube page, and audio files of past Center for Children’s Books storytelling festivals are available below. The files are in MP3 format. Each festival is separated by story, with full audio listed when available. For audio of festivals prior to 2010, see the archived CCB website.

2019 Festival

Full Video Recording

Kate McDowell, “Coming Home to the iSchool”
Phoebe Metz, “Not the Only Weird One”
Kiri Palm, “The Sky Fort”
Joanna Pike, “By Accident”
Linden Galloway, “The Library Found Me”
Deborah Miller, “Lesson 206”

2018 Festival

Full Audio

Celia Burke, The Do-All Ax
Delaney Bullinger, The Story of Persephone
Yingjun Guan, Butterfly Lovers
Kelsey Pietens, The King’s Haircuts
Nora Marino, Salt
Robin Higgins, Jar of Souls
Maisie Iven,  Mairija
Laurel Halfar, The Faerie’s Gift
Kate McDowell, Why I Use an Ergonomic Keyboard
Dan Keding, Teller’s Choice

2017 Festival

Full Audio

Julia Neal, Fantaghiro the Beautiful
Rachel Johannigmeier, Gina the Giant
Christine Young, Old Sultan
Erin O’Neall, Old Man Douglas and The Tale of the Jackalope
Emmy Neal, The Marriage of a Mouse
Rob Chappell, The Lost Years of Gilgamesh: Before the Epic
Robin Higgins, Into the Woods
Maisie Iven, St. Guinefort
Kate McDowell, The Stonecutter
Dan Keding, Teller’s Choice

2016 Festival

Full Audio
Allison Rollins: The Buzzard and the Monkey
Emily Adams: Robin Hood and Little John
Meg Dickinson: Clever Manka
Erica Eis: The Mouse Bride
Erin O’Neall: East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Mallika Luthar: Delta Lessons
Victor Fein: Canyon Walk
Dan Keding: Teller’s Choice
Kate McDowell: The King is Bare
Melissa Albarran: The Smiling Man


2015 Festival

Full Audio
Gretchen Croll: The Three Sons of Fortune
Sophia Soong: Horse-Head Fiddle
Anna Shustitzky: The Foolish Man
Erica Eis: The Magic Horse
Dan Keding: The Famous Flower of Servingmen
Laura Jackson: Michael’s Power
Holly Zehr: Redneck Zen
Amanda McFarlane: ‘NSYNC and Outta Touch


2014 Festival

Full Audio
Emily Bayci: The Tortoise and the Hare
Elaine Bearden: Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock
Tad Andracki: The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World
Aaron Carlin: Artificial Intelligence
Lauren Chambers: Dr. All-Knowing
Sarah Stanley: The Lady of Shalott
Jane Jankowski: The Veldt
Sue Searing: The Devil’s Pretty Daughter
Amy Atkinson: Curiosity Killed the Cat


2013 Festival

Full Audio
Jessica Bogue: The Tale of Tales
Emily Bayci: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Natalie Molnar: The Princess and the Cowherd
Shelly Singler: Bluebeard
Adam Mann: The Fisherman and His Wife
Amy Williams: What a Pig!
Nicolle Rivera: On the Island of the Enchantress
Anna Holland: The Great Buffalo Pull (no audio)
Kimberly Karner: Clever Gretel
Mary Dubbs: Paul Bunyan in Love
Ed Schell: Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom
Kate McDowell: The Dream and the Old Apple Tree


2012 Festival

Full Audio
Laurel Halfar: The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies
Mary Dubbs: Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox
Esther Yi: The Cat & the Warming Stones
Lauren Chambers: Cricket Fights Jaguar
Melissa Funfsinn: How to Tell Corn Fairies If You See ‘Em
Joshua Newport: King John & the Bishop
Aaron Carlin: Old One Eye
Kori Boyer: Jaclyn & the Beanstalk
Amy Atkinson: A Shabbos Miracle
Sue Searing: The Sun, the Wind, & the Moon
Kate McDowell: Andy & the Lion


2011 Festival

Jennifer Stasinopolous: Clever Manka
Michelle Bourgeois: The Man Who Had No Story
July Pyatetsky: Pamilo: Can’t Buy Me Freedom
Barratt Miller: Snow White and Rose Red
Amanda Melchor: The Strange Visitors
Ross Thompson: Catbeard (digital story on YouTube)
Sam Sednek: Eating with Trolls
Kate McDowell: The True Tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Miriam Larson: East of the Sun and West of the Moon
Hal Southern: An Unforgettable Camping Trip
Sue Searing: The Wise Old Woman


2010 Festival

Genevieve Henricks: Talk: An Ashanti Tale
Becka Rich: Ooka and the Wasted Wisdom
Sam Sednek: The Ashen Shoes
Daniel Burkhalter: Trouble
Corrie Ball: Perils of Pets
Damon McGhee: My Trek through Heathrow
Hal Southern: Ice Cream, Expulsion, and Clogging in Junior High
Sue Searing: The Magic Garden of the Poor
Dan Keding: The Tear